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WAX ZA'M Surf Wax Base Coat


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WAX ZA'M Surf Wax Base Coat

- suitable for all temperatures

- 100% natural and handmade in Munich

- Degradable & sustainable without palm and soy oil

- Free from petrochemicals and synthetic adhesives

- Sustainable packaging made from 100% recycled paper fibers

- 90 grams

The best surfer can only develop his potential when board and surfer become one and nothing works without Surf Wax. WAX Z'AM gives you this invisible binding, where grip and stick are ideally matched so that you can really enjoy surfing. The aim is to develop surf wax that enables you to push your surfing skills while being respectful of our planet.

Rub a good layer of basecoat on your clean board. This helps the other waxes stick to it even better and you have top grip.

Bali or Klitmoller? The water temperature is crucial and then you choose your surfboard wax. The range extends from Tropic to Ice Cold. Don't leave your wax and board out in the blazing sun!

If you like it sticky, use the Surf Wax in the highest temperature range specified on the package. The colder the water you surf in, the softer wax you use.

Apply a new coat before each surf to allow bumps to form. More structure also means more support!

If you want to remove old surfboard wax, pull it off with a wax comb. If you want your surfboard to be super clean, e.g. for a repair, then use a sustainable wax remover.

WAX ZA'M Surf Wax Base Coat

WAX ZA'M Surf Wax Base Coat