We are two avid surfers living our dream.

Kitesurfing is our greatest passion. After training and studying, we decided to live our dream. This means integrating surfing into our everyday lives. For this we travel through world history in our van, always have our laptop and lots of great ideas and stories with us.

With Surflifebalance we want to make this lifestyle accessible to a large community. On this page and in the podcast there are great articles for surfers, athletes, travelers and those who would like to become one. In our shop there are selected and lovingly designed products for every surfer's soul.

Anyone who not only dreams of a work-life balance, but also of a perfect SURF - LIFE - BALANCE has come to the right place.


Our mission is to spread the surfer spirit!

You don't even have to be a surfer for that, it's a great start to create the attitude to life that makes up the lifestyle and to integrate it into everyday life. With our content we would like to remind you again and again. Surflifebalance is more than just a blog, podcast or shop. It's a movement. It's about doing your thing. Don't let yourself be slowed down, but make your dreams come true. If you feel like it then be a part of the surf life balance.

We look forward to every new crazy 'Salty Soul'.