SUP Tutorial - Basics: Aufbau des Stand Up Paddle Boards

You bought a SUP and want to go on the water with it?

Then watch this video first to learn everything you need to know about building an inflatable SUP.

In this video we go through the important individual steps together and show you how to adjust the paddle correctly for your size. SUP driving is a super nice activity. Just get out on the water and let your soul drift.

– In the video we use the Allround Air SUP from JP-Australia:*

– My wetsuit is from Mystic:*

The second part is coming soon! There you will learn everything you need to know for your first water experience with the SUP.

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Hang Loose & Live the SURFLIFEBALANCE

Celine and Alex


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  • SUP Board Gear On

    Great tutorial! I recently bought a SUP and this video was really helpful in understanding the structure and setup of the board. Can’t wait to hit the water and try it out. Looking forward to watching the second part of the tutorial. Keep up the great content! SUP Boad Gear

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