The three fins are made from 100% recycled, glass fiber reinforced material, which comes from our own recyclable material collection. The use of regional recyclates and the avoidance of fossil raw materials ensure an absolute minimization of CO 2 emissions during production.

Due to the glass fiber content, the fins have a high level of strength without having to make major compromises in terms of flex.

They are therefore perfect for wave pools and river waves, but are also a good companion in the open sea.

  • perfect for surfing in the sea
  • Size: M
  • produced with green electricity
  • "Circular Production" (return of production waste to the material cycle)
  • Production completely in-house ("Made in Germany")
  • Packaging made from recycled cardboard
  • Due to the use of recyclates, there may be slight color deviations and irregularities on the surface

      Dimensions: Base length: 113mm | Height 115mm

      Material: 100% glass fiber reinforced recyclate