REBEL RAPID FIN set of 3 consists of 100% recycled, carbon-reinforced materials. Until now, the leftovers of carbon fiber materials from car production had no use and had to be disposed of.
Thanks to new methods, these leftovers are now being recycled and fed back into the production cycle. This saves fossil raw materials and a whole lot of CO2 and the carbon fiber content gives the fin high rigidity even with harder moves.

They are therefore perfect for wave pools and river waves.

The center fin was developed by Wolfrik Fischer from Driftwood Fins and tested in the Eisbach in Munich. Whether in the stream or in the wave pool, the fin enables easier 360 turns and backward moves. Due to the idiosyncratic shape, this fin provides extreme guidance during these manoeuvres.

  • suitable for powerful turns in river waves and wave pools
  • Size: M
  • produced with green electricity
  • "Circular Production" (return of production waste to the material cycle)
  • Production completely in-house ("Made in Germany")
  • Packaging made from recycled cardboard
  • Due to the use of recyclates, there may be slight color deviations and irregularities on the surface

    Dimensions: Base length: 113mm | Height 115mm

    Material: 100% carbon-reinforced recyclate